Friday, May 25, 2007


Happy Birthday to Lukas! Today he turned 3!! He was pretty excited about his birthday after Anneke's and the week was very, very long for him. Well, May 25th came and he knew exactly what to do when it came to presents and he's very pleased to be 3. It's a fun age to be don't you think?


Carla said...

Happy Birthday Lukas!
We are glad you had fun opening your presents. Did you have a favourite one?
Dave, Carla and Adelle

Anneleen said...

Happy Birthday Lukas!!!
Tante Anneleen

Busy Quilt Mom said...

Yes, 3 sounds like fun... too bad we couldn't try it out for a day again hey?

Busy Quilt Mom said...

Suzanne, I am so impressed with your cake decorating skills! You are amazing!

Charlene said...

Nice work on the cakes! I'm also quite impressed. (Thankfully I have an artistic husband who likes to do that for me, since I definitely don't have the skill)
Congratulations with your children's birthdays.