Monday, May 7, 2007


Today we had to reply to Concordia. We have decided to stay here for Conrad to take the opportunity of the post-doc. Concordia has invited him to send an updated resume next year when they will be looking to fill the position again and he will go on their short list, so maybe next year... In the meantime we can keep looking for other postings that he can apply for.

On another note...we had a beautiful day today! We went with Dad and Mom to Stratford. We walked around a bit, looking in a few of the shops (mostly toy and book ones of course!) and them we went to the park by the river. The weather was just perfect and we all enjoyed it.


Busy Quilt Mom said...

Those photos are great Suzanne! The top one of the kids is so cute... and so's the one of dad and Lukas.

Maybe I'll see you in less than 3months - I'm starting to get excited!

Love you,

Rev Richard Pot said...

Hi there Conrad & Suzanne, I'm glad to hear that you're staying around for now! :) I especially checked your blog tonight after getting back from a home visit, hoping to find out what you'd decided! May the Lord bless your decision, and we're glad (for selfish reasons perhaps!) that you're not leaving London just yet! And enjoy the remaining time you have with your parents Suzanne! With greetings from home to home. -rev rep

Charlene said...

Very cute pictures! Enjoy your time with your parents.
My, am I ever glad you're not moving! :)