Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ellen's Quilt

Today we gave Ellen her quilt. She is the grade 3/4 teacher at the elementary school and is moving back to Holland after being here for 4 years. The quilt is made up a squares from the church and school community and then we (I say we but I didn't actually do all that much quilting on it) put it together for her. Anyway, the teachers and students surprised her with an afternoon presentation/social. It was very nice. I think everyone here will miss Ellen very much. Here are a couple pictures of her receiving the quilt and the kids singing goodbye. Hopefully I can get a good close-up shot of it on Friday at the graduation. (click on the pictures to get a closer look)


Busy Quilt Mom said...

It looks so beautiful Suzanne! What was her reaction?

Anonymous said...

What a nice gift.Very special! Is this why teachers don't stay long because when they go they get one of these and they can hardly wait??!!