Saturday, June 9, 2007

Planning our trip

Yes that's right...we're really planning to go out to BC this summer! Yea!! We've decided to drive across and make it a long holiday. I'm a bit nervous how the drive will go with 3 little kids but Conrad is confident it'll go fine :). We'll see...
We joined CAA and are figuring out which way to go. We'll go both ways through the states as it's faster and we've driven through Canada 5 years ago when we moved out here. If all goes well with Conrad's defense on July 9 then we hope, DV, to leave on the 16th.


Anonymous said...

YES You're coming!! Everyone in this house is exited to have you. Tim says it's too quiet here and time for some more people to join us. We'll be ready.


Busy Quilt Mom said...

Yea! Plan away. We'll be praying for safe driving.