Saturday, July 21, 2007

In Calgary

We arrived in Calgary around 10:30 last night after a very long day. We'll spend the weekend with my two brothers and their families and then on Monday drive to Banff, spend sometime with Conrad's family who are camping there and then arrive to the Valley Monday night or Tuesday some time.

It has been a beautiful drive! The best part is driving through all the different landscapes. It's forever changing, from dry grassy dunes to hilly bluffs, through forest, then the badlands, through bushy bluffs, and then mountains. It's a gorgeous country!

The trip has gone really well. The kids are being really good travellers! We had two little mishaps on the way.... On Thursday our engine light went on and the engine was revving really high when we were going through the Big Horn Mountains. After turning the van off and back on it was working better but the engine light was still on so we stopped at a mechanic. It was stuck in second gear. It's been fine since so that's good. And...yesterday we had to drive back an hour and fifteen minutes because we forgot our camera in a park! That was the longest drive, wondering if our camera was still there. So we drove an extra 2 1/2 hours on what was already going to be a long day! But the camera was there so it was worth it.


charlene said...

Glad to hear it's going well! Enjoy your weekend with family.

Monica said...

Hi Conrad and Suzanne! Nice to be able to know how things are going with you all, and happy to hear that the trip is going well. Alyssa wanted to go and visit you the other day, and couldn't understand why you weren't here, and that you'd be gone for a long time :-) Thankfully she has her siblings around to distract her and keep her occupied, so that she doesn't miss her friends too much!
Enjoy the rest of the trip and have fun catching up with family!! Love, Monica