Friday, July 13, 2007


We were busy today getting some things done before we leave on Monday. Conrad brought all his books back to the library, he applied for a passport, I did a few last minute errands and also finished Anneke's dress. Remember that fabric a few posts ago? Well, here's the end result. It's a bit big and the skirt part of it ended up waaaay wider than I thought but I think it's still cute and hopefully it'll fit her next year too :) It's also really good for spinning...

Here's a couple pictures of the kids from a few days ago. They were sitting in front of our house watching the portable washer truck clean the garbage hut. So very facinating!

Over the past couple of months I helped Erin with a quilt for their new baby, Noah. We finished it just a week or so before he arrived. We used that minky stuff which is a polyestor or something and it's very soft and cute but hard to sew without it stretching. It was fun to do together, although I'm not much of a teacher... I think you should take a class some time Erin :)

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