Thursday, August 30, 2007


On our trip to and from BC we stopped at quite a few quilt stores (well more than a few, but usually only one a day ;o) Anyway, I collected all different yellow and blue fat quarters that I hope to make a quilt with using a pattern called Bento Box. Here's one of the quilt stores we stopped at. This one's in South Amana, (I can't even rememer the state right now...) The best thing about all these stores is that most of them didn't look like much but then you walk in and it's so full of colour! Another thing, I don't think we once went out of our way, other than going down a side street, for a quilt store. Most of the time we'd be driving through a little town (with me looking both ways in case I saw the word "quilt") and there it would be... "Quilt Shop" or something similar. Needless to say, it would make my day :).
When we were in BC I had a day out with my sister Alisa. We went to Quilt Essentials in Abbotsford and they had a couple tables full of fabric samples that you could buy by the pound! It was like we had found gold! We went a little crazy stuffing things into our bags - it was so much fun. I mostly collected brights for a nice kid quilt one day.

We hit Fabricland at the end of the day too and I picked up some fabric to make a bag. I was inspired to make one by the bags my sister-in-law made. Should be fun (when I get around to it).

Before I came to BC Alisa sent me a couple fat quarters. She also had the same ones and we both made something with them and other fabric without telling each other what we were doing. It was a really neat thing to do. Alisa's is a pillow and mine a table runner that is still in progress as I'm hand quilting it.


Anonymous said...

Suzanne - your fabrics look so yummy!


Charlene said...

Hey, I LOVE the fabric you picked out for your hangbag! Can't wait to see what you do with it!