Thursday, August 30, 2007

Home Again

We arrived back home on Saturday around 4 in the afternoon. I can't believe it's already Thursday. Coming home always takes some adjustment after staying in my parents' big and bright home. It sure is nice though to be back in our own beds and home after six nights in hotels! I must say though, I like the guestroom bed at Dad and Mom's better than ours! The trip went really well again. It's amazing how much kids will tolerate. We didn't have as nice weather and it wasn't as picturesque of a landscape but still very beautiful! Here's a beautiful picture taken just before a huge storm. Thankfully we were all safe and warm in a hotel before it hit.
We did get stuck in Chicago because of all the flooding - part of the I-80 was closed. We had no idea about all the flooding until we finally got off the highway after an hour, and maybe going 1 km, when we asked at a hotel what the problem was. We stayed there that night and then in the morning it still took an hour to get out of that area.
When Conrad makes another album of our trip home we'll send a link out. If anyone's reading this who didn't get the links for the other pictures and would like to see them let me know.
I'll make another entry about all the fabric I got :)

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