Friday, November 9, 2007

Fast forward a few weeks...

There hasn't been anything too exciting over here the past few weeks. Let me think... Conrad's sent off a bunch of applications for jobs for next year. We'll wait and see what comes of that. I'm almost done on of my quilts. Yey! I'm just stitching down the binding and then I'll be finished! Oh yea, I've almost forgotten already, Conrad and I went to Statford a couple of weeks ago for a night. It was really nice. We stayed at a B&B and watched "Oklahoma". The play was great!

Today my Dad and Mom are flying out for a visit! We'll see them Saturday or Sunday because they are in Toronto for a day first, and then they're here for a week. We're looking forward to that!

Here are a couple pictures of our littlest girl. She's growing up so much, a little stinker.

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