Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Wishing all a blessed New Year! It is our prayer that we all may grow in faith and glorify God in our daily tasks this coming year.

We had a very nice holiday. Conrad was home mostly which was really nice. On Christmas day we had a worship service in the morning followed by a singsong with the choir (of which I'm part of) performing a few pieces, a few solos and some congregational singing. The rest of the day we spent with friends and had a very nice, relaxing Christmas day. On Boxing Day we had a potluck with my relatives in Ontario. The rest of the week was spent playing games, quilting :), reading etc.

Now it's back to normal, well mostly. The kids were all sick with fevers and colds for a few days but seem to be on the mend today.

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Chas said...

It sounds as if you had a lovely Christmas!
Happy New Year as well!
Praying those kiddos feel better soon too... my bunch is under the weather also.
Take Care!