Thursday, January 31, 2008

Everyday life

Well, it's the last day of January already and we've had a fairly uneventful year so far. Anneke, Conrad and I came down with the flu at the beginning of this week but we seem to be over it now and the other two didn't get it (yet).
We've heard from a couple Universities and Conrad has had two phone interviews and will be going to Calgary for a follow-up one at the end of February. We haven't yet heard back from the second interview if he get's a follow up one for it. He's also sent off two more applications. So, we continue to wait (most of the time patiently) to see what God has in store for us. Conrad does have his post-doc for one more year but we are both really looking forward to the time when he has a long(er) term job.

The rest of the month has filled up with regular day to day activities. Here are a few pictures:

The other day I was making apple cake and the kids were all eating the peels. The cake is a recipe from my Mom and I remember eating all the peels while she made it then!
Lukas. What a wonderful kid! He has a very different character than the girls. He will often be on the sidelines watching, not saying much but can also get very angry when Anneke doesn't let him talk. He's very spontaneous with his expressions and movements and often makes us laugh. Yes, he doesn't listen very well and cries and gets angry quickly too but we keep working on that. He also has a tremendous amount of concentration, at times, for a three and a half year old. Here he is, colouring. He spent most of a day going back to this picture, colouring very hard and making sure no white spots (as the kids call it) were showing. If you look at the pictures you can see him switching hands because his hands would get sore from pushing so hard.
Tonight we have the Pot girls here for a sleepover. They assumed they would be sleeping together with Anneke and Lukas so we went for it and thought we'd try it. It's 9:00 now and I still hear them. We'll see if it works...

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Chas said...

How fun... what cute pictures. Have a great day!