Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter weekend

Today it feels more like Christmas then Easter out here in Ontario. It's below 0 degrees and snowy. After having really warm weather last week this feels very cold! Spring will come soon though...

We haven't heard anything from the college in Edmonton yet. We thought it would be this past week but I guess it'll be next. In the mean time we dream, wonder, anticipate etc. but we'll wait until we know if they offer a job or not before we make any decisions.

I took a few pictures of the kids today. The first is of Anneke and Lukas listening to a book on CD. Very rarly to we see them all cozy together like this. They play pretty good together but aren't usually very affectionate to eachother (to put it nicely :)). I was in my room with Tessa and I heard Anneke say, "Let's hug eachother standing up, Lukas, like Mommy and Daddy do".

Here's one of Tessa, just out of the bath. Maybe she'll have curly hair like Anneke did.

And here's Tessa walking with this walker thing. I borrowed this from a friend this week and it only took Tessa a couple tries before going all over the place with it. The only thing is she can't turn it yet so every time she gets stuck she screeches until I come and move it. She's really starting to make herself known. If she's in my arms she'll reach down to try get to the ground and when I put her down she'll get mad because she wants to stand holding my hands! She's growing up...sigh.


Busy Quilt Mom said...

To Anneke and Lukas
I wish I could play with you and visit you at your house.
From Benjamin

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne
It was great to hear that you had a blog. I should start one soon too. Keep in touch.
Karen, Nathan and Alexa