Sunday, April 29, 2007


I'm finally here (at the computer) to give an update on our lives from the past week. Some of you might be wondering whatever happened with the interview Conrad had in Edmonton over a month ago. Well this week Tuesday we got a call and they have offered him a permanent-track position. we have to decide what to do. Conrad did ask right away about deffering it for a year so he could do a year of the post-doc. They've said that if he wants to do this then next spring they would advertise the position again but Conrad would be on their short list and he would just have to send them an updated resume. This would work well in that if other jobs come up elsewhere we can still apply but it doesn't guarantee a job. So, do we take the security of a job now, or the wonderful opportunity of the post-doc? We also need to take into consideration that this is a Lutheran owned university. How will this play a role as a prof there? We need to respond a week from Monday so that gives us time to discuss and pray about it together and with others.

As of yesterday we also have a pair of crutches hanging around here! Conrad hurt his foot playing basketball yesterday afternoon. There is a small fracture but they didn't put it in a cast so he has to stay off of it for a few days (or more?). The most frustrating thing for him was sitting in emergency for 6 hours!

My Dad and Mom are coming on Friday! We are really looking forward to seeing them again - it's been a long time since we saw any family! If we do take the post-doc and stay here next year we are really hoping to come to BC for a while this summer, so maybe we'll see everyone then...


Busy Quilt Mom said...

So... is the house spic and span yet? ;-)

Suzanne said...

not yet...and I have to go out tomorrow morning again!! Some of the hidden places will have to wait :)