Monday, April 16, 2007

home from Ottawa

Tessa and I are back home again from C & C's place. The train came in just after 2 on Saturday. Charlene and I had a really nice time talking, taking care of the kids and doing other normal everyday things, and of course...more talking. It was good to see Derek and Helena and their new house. Tessa had a bit of a rough time. She was all out of sorts and the train ride was really long and tiring. She didn't sleep much so she was exhausted. You should have seen her though when we came to London and she saw Conrad and the othe kids. She was laughing, clapping her hands and trying to jump right out of the snugglie. It was so cute - I guess she really missed them!

Anneke and Lukas had all kinds of fun with Conrad. They went to Adventures on Wonderland (an indoor play place), the pool, the Children's Museum and went to McD's one night for supper. Lots of stories to tell. I think they're going to want me to go away again!

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Busy Quilt Mom said...

I like the photo of Tessa with her blankie in the high chair! "As long as I have my blankie, I'll be okay..."?